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Our Service Offerings
Our expertise is in the analysis, strategic design and implementation of solutions around the people, processes & technology.

We partner to add value to people and organizations by building and leveraging people, processes and tools :
  • Develop, plan and implement strategies by assessing and analyzing the 'pain points' of business to meet their goals, objectives and client expectations
  • Focus on servant leadership to develop individuals and teams  

​Inspire, Enhance and Motivate 
the Unlimited Growth & Potential in All Those We Encounter ​​!
  1. Talent & Business Development
    Leverage collaboration to influence cross functional teams, align accountability, and manage the requirements to meet the goals and deliverables identified. A blended model of methodologies are used to deliver consistency by utilizing the best tools to meet the needs of the people, processes and the organization. We develop strategic succession plans to move the management team to the next level leaders, build confidence in leaders and teams, analyze and convert stakeholder requirements, perform impact assessments, determine strategies for branding, communications and training. Change Management - blended methodologies including Prosci Project Management - blended methodologies including Waterfall, Agile, 6Sigma Greenbelt certified, and CMIIC certified (Configuration Management) Communication, Management & Leadership various interactive workshops, seminars and keynote speaking engagements are provided to strengthen the team environment and build a positive culture for growth. The topic(s) and activities are determined based on the needs of the client through a consultation, and sometimes a survey. Material to tailored to meet the clients unique needs. Training
  2. Outplacement & Career Development
    Partner with clients to understand their unique needs within the area of career coaching including resume building, interview skills, skill mapping, and the career search. Today's environment in the career search is much different than in times past. Career coaching builds confidence in the individual as they are preparing for their next phase in their career. Career coaching is good for all ages from teens to baby-boomers. A career coach provides you with tools that support you with an ever-changing recruiting and hiring process. Whether you are a teen/college student moving into you first position or a mid-career transition for an adult the experience can cause unneeded anxiety. Building confidence for the interview and understanding interview etiquette is key to landing the position or knowing that a position may not be a good fit for you. Skill mapping takes your current skills and maps them to roles, and provides guidance on areas to develop based on your skill gaps.
  3. Talent Acquisition
    Your personal and professional growth matters and makes all the difference for you and your organization. We partner together to move you, your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals through placement of the right fit candidates. We are not a staffing firm. We focus on those niche needs within your organization, and we partner with the staffing firms skilled to focus on your broader staffing needs. We help you build out talent acquisition processes to implement the right technology for your business needs. We strive to help your business connect with your future employees, and provide them with an amazing talent acquisition experience. We also provide onboarding processes and technology options for our clients as well.